Prince Edward Arrest Report

Published 9:13 am Thursday, November 10, 2016

November 1

• Hector Luis Hidalgo, 30, of Farmville, charged with breaking and entering with intent to commit felony; grand larceny.

• Logan Durwood Leathers III, 21, of Alexandria, charged with assault and battery.

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November 2

• Samantha Bartee Whitney, 28, of Green Bay, charged with revocation of suspended sentence and probation.

November 3

• Derek Clinton Hughes, 30, of Meherrin, charged with failure to complete drug EDU fail to pay fee.

• Dallas Crouch, 22, of Keysville, charged with fail to appear on misdemeanor charge.

November 5

• Tameika Shanta Taylor, 26, of Farmville, charged with disorderly conduct.

• Erica Melissa Booker, 28, of Farmville, charged with disorderly conduct.

• Tyrone Lee Chambers, 27, of Prospect, charged with contempt of court.