In support of Coach Wallace

Published 1:39 pm Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I am extremely upset with the lack of support towards new Buckingham High School football coach Joshua Wallace. I had heard small-town rumors but really didn’t pay any mind until I read the article in the paper (“Parents complain to board about coach,” Oct. 19). All I could say was, “Wow! Just, wow!”

If the parents who were issuing bandwagon complaints or just plain angry because their child was being held accountable for their grades or behavior would just stop and give this man a chance.

Parents, do you think Coach Wallace came here to destroy the program? Seriously?

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Concerns about safety are very much valid and should be addressed. However, I don’t think you can complain about safety issues but then opt for another of your children to play for the very same coach who you feel is so unsafe. In my opinion, it kind of devalues your original concern.

Do you not realize this is a contact sport, an extreme contact sport at that? Yes, injuries are going to happen. Our county does not have the funding for a sports doctor on field or at practice, plain and simple.

A parent passing on the feeling of entitlement to their children because of their athletic ability is a huge part of the problem. The kids think that just because they are a great player, it doesn’t matter what their grades are or how they behave, they should be allowed to play.

Why? Oh, I know — I hear it from the parents as they yell and scream from the stands to put their child in, or put someone in that can throw, catch or run the ball. Really? Come on, parents — shout out some of that “passion” on grades and behaving. Sure, the golden dream is scholarships and the NFL, but sorry to break it to you, if that doesn’t work out then they really need to know how to apply themselves and act in the real world.

People claiming Coach Wallace isn’t showing the kids respect or doesn’t care about them … it has been a battle for this man since he walked through the door. All the negativity and lack of support originally vocalized surely did not guide the players in the right direction. Think of it as having a substitute in class. I think the kids just thought they could act a fool and do whatever they want. Surprise, surprise, it didn’t quite work that way.

Please don’t think that I don’t feel Coach Wallace has some learning and adapting to do himself. It is change for not only the players, but him as well.

To be quite honest, I think Coach Wallace needs to learn a bit more about our community and the challenges these kids are faced with. Whether it is travel to and from practice, support/help with studies or just developing trust and a mentorship. 

All of these things take time to learn, grow and develop. I know and believe we all — parents, coaches and players — have the same goal in mind. Now it is just working together and making the changes to achieve it.

I will also say this: Just as I was upset with what I read, I am sure people will be upset with me.

These are my opinions and what I have personally seen, heard or read. No, I do not have a child on that field playing, but I have a team of kids that I adore as my own. I support them. I want them to thrive, achieve, accomplish and succeed. I’m pretty sure everyone does, but in order for that to happen, everyone must work together.

Lyla Wood is a resident of Howardsville and a supporter of Buckingham High School athletics. Her email address is