In an election, someone loses

Published 1:41 pm Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Protests! Protesting what? I can’t remember one person the media photographed protesting, burning buildings and wrecking someone else’s personal property when Barack Obama was elected the first or last time. Nor do I remember Yale or any public school giving students passes on exams or setting up special counseling sessions because of “post-election stress” due to the Republican candidate not being elected in either of those elections. What is happening here is more reminiscent of adolescent behavior — a bunch of spoiled brats pouting because it didn’t go quite their way.

Newscasters are calling for Trump to be soft and understanding because these poor unfortunates who happen to have supported the side that lost are (to use the newsworthy term) confused. They just can’t understand how this turn of events could possibly have happened. I guess they just don’t get it. It’s an election. Someone wins and someone loses.

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Perhaps, instead of the media sympathizing with these folks, they might give some sound advice: Get over it and grow up or quit voting and spare yourself all the anxiety.


Peter Kapuscinski