Halloween traffic ‘was horrendous’

Published 1:01 pm Thursday, November 3, 2016

Halloween is a holiday that proves to scare many through costumes, movies and decorations.

Monday’s trick-or-treating proved to be a different kind of horror to Ward B Councilman Sally Thompson.

Sally Thompson

Sally Thompson

“It was horrendous,” she told Farmville Town Council during its Wednesday work session, referring to traffic Monday evening on High Street and First, Second and Fourth avenues. “Cars were double-parked. Children were everywhere. Probably, I don’t know, 600-700 children — parents, children. It was cars on both sides of the street and people in the middle of the street.”

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In thinking ahead to next year’s Halloween, Thompson said she thinks police support will be needed if there is as much traffic then.

“It’s a situation that could be dangerous waiting to happen,” she said.

Thompson, a retired educator, said one man was in the middle of the street to stop traffic to protect children.

“Another man was double parked, letting his children out in the middle of the street. Cars (were) coming both ways,” Thompson said.

No council members offered any response to Thompson’s comments.

“I just think we need to think about this and have the police look into this for next year,” she said.

Ward B encompasses a large portion of High Street to Fourth Avenue, and includes all of Third Avenue and portions of First, Second and Fourth avenues.