Halloween always chaotic

Published 1:35 pm Tuesday, November 8, 2016


This Halloween was nothing compared to years past on The Avenues.

Trick or Treating has been chaotic in Farmville for the past 10 years that I’ve lived in the area. The town is flooded with families looking for a place to celebrate the holiday and, unfortunately, there are only a handful of places for them to go. I feel bad for the residents of these neighborhoods, but also thank them for providing a place for trick or treaters. I can only imagine the mess they have to clean up afterwards.

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I saw children trampling through flowerbeds and lawns, and candy wrappers scattered everywhere. I noticed fewer houses lit up and participating this year, and I can’t really blame them. But, what do you do?

And, by the way, there was a heavy police presence, so Farmville police were absolutely doing their jobs.

Angela Perkinson