ACP is a no-brainer

Published 2:29 pm Tuesday, November 29, 2016

We do not see any need to backtrack on our opinion that the good outweighs the bad when it comes to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP). News of a proposed tap for local industry — current and future — makes it a no-brainer in our minds.

We commend the Buckingham Planning Commission for recommending approval for a special use permit for a proposed compressor station as part of the ACP project. We urge supervisors to follow the recommendation, and advise opponents to work constructively with the county and Dominion, which leads the project, to maximize safety measures.

In February, we all but endorsed the project, but condemned Dominion and the ACP’s lack of transparency. Therefore, while we still feel good about the project overall, we also strongly believe the project must meet, if not exceed, federal state and local regulations, making safety of paramount importance.

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Dominion should also be willing to compromise on aspects of the project, as should its opponents. Dominion seems more willing to bend than project opponents.

As we said, opponents have to work with Dominion, the county and other parties to see that neighbors and businesses benefit from this project.

The tap is a fine example of the county working with ACP and Dominion, fueled by Kyanite’s lead, to see that happen.

To do so, we urge the board of supervisors to make a decision in the affirmative as soon as possible. It is high time to move on.