A trip to the movies

Published 1:37 pm Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Among the things I like to do, by myself or with family, is go to the movies. I love movies, especially — you guessed it — science fiction and fantasy. I’ve watched movies on large screens (including IMAX) and small, in 3D and not, and even at drive-in theaters.

I’ve even driven a bit for a bargain, having done two-hour round trips to drive-ins showing double (or even triple!) features and a little closer in for cheap tickets.

So, I was very happy to discover the locally owned and operated Sunchase Cinema 8 right here in Farmville. Having some time on my hands, I decided to try them out and was quite pleased. Being the kind of movie-lover I am, I chose to watch Marvel’s Doctor Strange, in 3D, on Saturday afternoon. The price was right, the theater was clean and it was nice not to have drive miles and miles to get there.

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Even the popcorn and drink weren’t too expensive, and tasted good, too.

Although I sat by myself, I didn’t feel alone. There was a good crowd — and involved, too. It was neat to be able to laugh, applaud and gasp with the folks sitting around me.

Without giving anything away, there is an extra mid-credits scene that had virtually everyone in the theater enthusiastically cheering, myself included.

Sure, I’d love to get out to one of Virginia’s remaining drive-ins, but watching the latest in one of my series of movies in my new hometown, just minutes away from where I live and for a very reasonable price, was very satisfying.

Next up for me: The reportedly very intelligent sci-fi movie Arrival and the already Oscar-buzzing Loving. I’m hoping they’ll both come around here so I can enjoy my next trip to the movies.

MARTIN L. CAHN is the managing editor of The Farmville Herald. His email address is martin.cahn@farmvilleherald.com.