Whitus misses the point

Published 12:56 pm Thursday, September 1, 2016


Mayor David Whitus has completely missed the point referencing the purchase of land from Mrs. Willa Wood for a retention basin (“Whitus looks back on apartment project,” Wednesday, Aug. 31).

To say if the town had been able to buy only .46 of an acre, then “…there would have been no extra acreage to think about doing anything with at all,” he’s implying, since the acreage encompassed an acre, now there’s a problem?

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It should make no difference whether the town owns one-half acre, or 10 acres. The intent was for a retention basin, nothing more. The size of the parcel is immaterial.

Again, the ethical thing to do would be to stick with the original intention and agreement with Mrs. Wood. The intent was never to give or sell the land to another party — or was it?

Carol Fauci