No serious analysis from Republicans

Published 11:16 am Thursday, September 29, 2016


In the lead-up to the November election, this country has followed debates, primaries and conventions and listened to candidates and media pundits.

Donald Trump’s recurring theme is to denigrate Hillary Clinton simply for being who she is while having the temerity to aspire to the presidency.

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Lost is any serious analysis of how her domestic and foreign policies would affect our county. I have heard people say they hate Clinton. I wonder how it is rationally possible to hate someone with whom they’ve never met or spoken. How many have studied her policy views?

What we hear from grown people is adult versions of taunts children toss on the playground. I expected more from Republicans who appear on the nightly news and other outlets.

The tenor of current Republican efforts to win the presidency is a poor reflection on a party that once proudly stood for higher values.

John E. Sykes