Farmville Arrest Report

Published 8:53 am Thursday, September 15, 2016

September 5

• Sales Ramirez Herminio, 29, of Farmville, charged with public swearing or intoxication.

September 8

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• Julie Ann Schlosberg, 18, of Farmville, charged with felonious assault.

September 9

• Dwayne Booker, 46, of Farmville, charged with driving on a suspended license; and two counts of manufacture sale-possession controlled substance.

September 10

• Alonza Lamone Randolph, 38, of Prospect, charged with two counts of manufacture-sale-possession controlled substance.

• Frank Stephen Derrenbacker, 69, of Farmville, charged with cause a public nuisance; cause a public nuisance by falling to cut weeds; and three counts of open storage of inoperable motor vehicle.

September 11

• Erik Palmer Neal, 18, of Forest, charged with underage possession of alcohol; and driving while under the influence of alcohol.