Jones family celebrates

Published 5:43 pm Thursday, August 11, 2016

June 19 was a day of celebration for the Jones family of Prospect. Alice and Paul Jones, along with dedicated friends Travis and Barbara Harris, traveled to Roanoke for Father’s Day.

The day was special because Jayden E. Jones, the great-grandson of Alice, was baptized early that morning.

The celebration began Saturday, June 18 with a cookout at the home of Spencer and Deborah Jones, or Roanoke. Many friends and extended family attended.

On Sunday, the Rev. Floyd W. Gregory, pastor of Jerusalem Baptist Church, rendered the message. The men’s chorus, accompanied by the newly baptized Jayden, sang on the percussions.

A Father’s Day dinner was held in honor or the late Spencer S. Jones Sr. and the late Ernest L. Brown. Fellowship, food and fun made this Father’s Day one to be remembered.