Carter clarifies sidewalk issue

Published 3:19 pm Tuesday, August 23, 2016


As I said during the (Buckingham County) Board of Supervisors meeting, “some mistakes have been made” and we would be looking into the project.

A letter addressed to Karl Carter in 2014 listed the closing of the Maysville church entrance. However, it was listed as a location number; the county did not comprehend it was one of the church entrances. Therefore the county did not notify the church.

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It is the county’s responsibility to notify the property owner and discuss this in advance with the property owner. It is factual this entrance closure was also discussed at the July 19 preconstruction meeting. However, construction began within the next few days and this closure was not discussed with the property owner.

This was not a change order thrown in at the last minute by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). The closing of the church was in the original plans and in information provided by Sharon White of VDOT as far back as at least 2014. This mistake was made by the county and not VDOT. This is our third Transportation Enhancement Sidewalk project with VDOT and this incident was an isolated, regrettable mistake by the county.

We have a good working relationship with VDOT, especially Dillwyn Resident Engineer Scott Shippee. We are grateful for the VDOT Enhancement Grants to better our sidewalks and improve the appearance of our county.

Rebecca Carter

County Administrator


(Editor’s Note: The Farmville Herald appreciates County Administrator Carter’s clarification of this issue. Our recent editorial urging VDOT to take responsibility for the entrance closure was based on information we had at the time. We, too, hope VDOT and Buckingham County’s relationship continues to be a beneficial one, and we respect the county’s willingness to take responsibility for the incident.)