‘Vehement’ opposition

Published 2:42 pm Thursday, July 7, 2016


This letter is to register my vehement opposition to the outrageous Atlantic Coast Pipeline proposal.

​The blast radius is 1,150 feet. My house is about 1,100 feet away from the proposed pipeline.

​A​n explosion would kill my family and me.

​The resulting forest fire would destroy our entire community of some 50 individual homes, 20 sanctuary buildings, two shrines and a large lotus temple that is the center of our retreat sanctuary here. We host 6,000 retreatants annually.

Even the decibel level of the construction would seriously impact the peace and quiet our guests come searching for in the pursuit of tranquility and spiritual​​ upliftment.

I think it is outrageous that Dominion is using eminent domain to seize individual’s property as if they are a utility bringing necessary power for the use of the home owners.

It’s​ not for our use, and, in fact, risks lives, and causes anxiety and the compressor station will cause illness. My property value will diminish.

The fire response here is 20 minutes and there is no way any rural fire department could handle the devastation this could cause.

Rev. Surya Lipscombe