Shameful behavior

Published 5:44 pm Tuesday, July 5, 2016

We think it’s a real shame the way some conducted themselves during the community meeting regarding the proposed 120-unit apartment complex on June 24.

Ward A Councilman Greg Cole, along with real estate developer Russell Harper, of Farmville Associates — the firm seeking the conditional use permit to build the Farmville Town Center — were very gracious to host the meeting.

It seems like many didn’t reciprocate their willingness to listen, seeking to better understand the project.

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Whereas residents and neighbors of the proposed project should have been attentive, asked probing questions about the apartments and sought to better understand the potential impact on the Greens South neighborhood, some interrupted Cole and Harper and were rude and belligerent.

That behavior gets nothing accomplished and damages relationships.

There’s no requirement that Harper had to meet with residents of the neighboring subdivision in the process of getting his project approved. Though the project has been controversial and hotly contested, Harper chose to, and has been willing to meet with as many people who want to meet with him about this project.

Those who were rude and unruly took advantage of the meeting, causing others, who were there to learn, listen and understand, the inability to gain needed information and knowledge.

As we have said before, we commend Harper and Cole for holding the meeting, and for Town Manager Gerald Spates for encouraging it.

We do not, however, condone the behavior of a few at the meeting who threw civility to the wolves.