Park hosts Conservation Corps

Published 4:58 am Thursday, July 7, 2016

Twin Lakes State Park is hosting a crew of Virginia State Parks Youth Conservation Corps through July 16.

The crew is all female with two supervisors, one intern and 10 crewmembers. According to a park release, the three-week residential program engages Virginia’s youth in a structured program of important conservation and park projects on public lands while providing learning that fosters teamwork, self-esteem, social responsibility and respect for the environment. According to the release, Youth Corps projects are visible, tangible and meaningful. The project for the crew is mainly trail restoration, constructing fishing piers at the cabin area, building picnic pads and restoring walkways at Goodwin Lake

The program also includes time for environmental education and adventure programming. Crews typically have 10 members, ages 14-17, from diverse backgrounds. The crew is closely supervised by three crew supervisors who are graduates of the program, professional park staff and committed adult volunteers.

The Virginia State Parks Youth Conservation Corps Program was honored with the United States Department of the Interior’s Outstanding State Volunteer program award in 2010.