Democrats capitalize on tragedy

Published 2:54 pm Thursday, July 7, 2016


As usual, the Democratic side of the aisle is ranting for a ban of AR-15 rifles hoping to gain political points from a firearms-ignorant voting population.

The FBI Uniform Crime Reports list assault rifles as the lowest percentile used in crime among all firearms.

Copycat mass murderers are using the AR-15, but as much or more carnage could have been met out with an ordinary shotgun.

Those who proclaim AR-15 type rifles have no sporting use — they are not supposed to. The Second Amendment doesn’t protect sport shooting — it protects the use of firearms for self defense. If it can be proven the AR-15 does kill people better than any other weapon, then, they above all others, need to be protected under the Second Amendment.

Abraham Lincoln said, “Anyone who would deny freedoms to others deserve it not for themselves.”

Are you listening, Hillary Clinton, as you campaign against a Constitutional right? Each year, medical malpractice kills hundreds of thousands of people in America. I hear no calls to ban doctors and hospitals for a casualty rate that dwarfs the number killed by assault rifles. Democrats have a long history of wanting to ban all guns and they never let a good tragedy go to waste.

Karl Schmidt