Program presented on the Blueway

Published 10:11 am Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Friends of the Appomattox River (FAR), along with many non-members from the public, were recently treated to an excellent and informative program presenting the flora and fauna of the Farmville Blueway.

The program was given by Evan Spears, park naturalist at Holliday Lake State Park, whose study of life along the Blueway has been funded by Obsidian Group Solutions in cooperation with FAR.

Spears presented a fascinating slide show showing animals from millipedes, turtles and toads to owls, deer and coyotes.

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Photos of plants included everything from native trees and flowers to invasive vines and shrubs. His program ended with slides of animal signs, including foot prints, scat and sticks gnawed by beavers.

Spears’ work will ultimately culminate in a brochure illustrating the plant and animal life found along the Farmville Blueway.