Prince Edward County Sheriff’s Office activity report

Published 2:29 pm Thursday, June 30, 2016

Total calls received: 142

Calls handled by dispatch: 30

Civil papers served: 146

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Criminal papers served: 36

Transports of mental patients and prisoners: 2

Traffic stops: 29

June 18

• Assistance needed on Elam Drive.

• Burglar alarm on Weaver Road.

• Vehicle unlock on Germantown Road.

• Reckless driving on Green Bay Road.

• Rescue call on Plum Creek Road.

• Vehicle traveling in the wrong direction on Back Hampden Sydney Road.

• Rescue call on Abilene Road.

• Rescue call on Mt. Moriah Road.

• Domestic at Gates Farm Lane.

• Disabled vehicle on Route 460 and Hurt Hill Lane.

• Rescue call on South Farmville Road.

June 19

• Rescue call on High Bridge Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Bush River Drive

• License plate check on Farmville Road.

• Dispute on Morgan Drive.

• Loud noise on Bruceville Road.

• Accident on Prince Edward Highway.

• Verbal dispute on Darlington Heights Road.

• Assistance needed on Watson Boulevard.

• Assistance needed on South Main Street.

• Welfare check on Pin Oak Road.

June 20

• Assistance needed on Mt. Moriah Road.

• Rescue call on Commerce Road.

• Vehicle traveling in wrong Direction on 360 West.

• Attempt to locate on Giles Road.

• Fire on Tuggle Road.

• Writ of Possession on Browntown Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Orchard Road.

• Burglar alarm on Quail Crossing Road.

• Vehicle unlock on Dominion Drive.

• Hit and run on Commerce Road.

• Warrant service on Virso Road.

• Suspicious incident on Chambers Drive.

• Warrant service on Mountain Creek Road.

• Warrant service on Bowen Court.

• Protective order services on Holly Farms Road.

• Harassment on Piney Grove Road.

• Suspicious vehicle on Bolden Flournoy Road.

June 21

• Assistance needed on Twin Bridges Road.

• Rescue call on Jones Boulevard.

• Assistance needed on Schultz Mill Road

• Rescue call on Jones Boulevard.

• Civil matter on Briery Way.

• Rescue call on Elam Road.

• Assistance needed on Booker Court.

• Rescue call on Dawn Lane.

• Assistance needed on Dry Bridge Road.

• Assistance needed on North Jones Boulevard.

• Burglar alarm on Carter Road.

• Rescue call on Booker Court.

• Rescue call on Mitchell Road.

June 22

• Debris on highway on Old Ridge Road.

• Livestock on property on Tuscan Lane.

• Welfare check on Gully Tavern Road.

• Stolen property on Hatton Lane.

• Transport to Staunton.

• Vehicle unlock on Commerce Road.

• Burglar alarm on Fairgrounds Road.

• Accident on Prince Edward Highway.

• Burglar alarm on Weaver Road.

• Domestic on Booker Court.

• Rescue call on Pin Oak Road.

• Protective order service on First Avenue.

• Protective order service on Abilene Road.

• Warrant service on Abilene Road.

• Tree in road on Indian Springs Road.

June 23

• Rescue call on Indian Springs Road.

• Assistance needed on Rattlers Branch Road.

• Warrant service on Worsham Road.

• Burglar alarm on Redd Shop Road.

• Rescue call on Virso Road.

• Disturbance call on Elam Road.

• Rescue call on Allen Farm Road.

• Fire on 460/Farmville exit.

• Burglar alarm on Hampden Lane.

• Accident on U.S. Route 15 and Loman Road.

• Protective order service on Worsham Road.

• Suspicious incident on Mountain Creek Road.

• Fire alarm on Hubbard Road.

June 24

• Loud noise on First Rock Road.

• Transport to Richmond.

• Project Lifesaver on Gates Farm Lane.

• Accident on Hardtimes Road.

• Rescue call on Fox Hill Road.

• Rescue call on Germantown Road.

• Vehicle unlock on Buffalo Heights Road.

• Breaking and entering on Lewis Park Drive.

• Rescue call on Holly Farms Road.

• Vandalism on Browntown Road.

• Suspicious subject on Nursery Road.

• Rescue call on Pine Knoll Drive.

• Stolen property on Lockett Road.

• Lost animals at Twin Lakes State Park.

June 25

• Verbal dispute on Cedar Point Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Railroad Avenue.

• Assistance needed on East Pamplin Road.

• Rescue call on Prince Edward Highway.

• Fire alarm on Fairgrounds Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Prince Edward Highway.

• Burglar alarm on Patrick Henry Highway.

• Animal control requested on Briery Hills Road.

• Accident on Thomas Jefferson Highway.

• Rescue call on Sheppard’s Road.

• Tree in road on Gallion Road.

• Shots fired on Virso Road.

• Possible stolen vehicle on Patrick Henry Highway.

• Accident on Twenty Two Road.

• Vehicle traveling in wrong direction on 460 West.

• Vehicle unlock on Watson Road.

• Warrant service at the office.

June 26

• Vehicle traveling in wrong direction near County Line Market.

• Disabled vehicle on Page Street.

• Rescue call on Elam Drive.

• Animal control requested on Lakeside Road.

• Fire on Thomas Jefferson Highway.

• Attempt to locate on Moore Road.

• Suspicious vehicle on Good Hope Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Sulphur Spring Road.