Longwood conference was misleading

Published 11:49 am Tuesday, June 7, 2016


In February, I attended a conference at Longwood University. It was supposed to be about “social justice.” The poster on the bulletin board didn’t say anything about LGBT issues. But, when I got to the conference, the emphasis was on social justice for transgendered people in particular.

I felt like a victim of a “bait and switch” deception. What do I mean by “bait and switch”? Let’s say a grocery store advertises a sale on Campbell soups. But, when you get to the store, only some off-brand is available. “We’ve run out of Campbell’s,” the manager says. In short, “bait and switch” involves false advertising.

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The organizers of the conference feared that if the posters revealed that the talks would focus on LGBT issues, that might deter some people from attending. The organizers knew that once people were lured in and took their seats, they would be unlikely to walk out despite the LGBT rhetoric/propaganda. In short, the organizers wanted young impressionable minds to listen to their LGBT gospel.

Joe Grace