Defending Lloyd Banks

Published 11:23 am Friday, June 17, 2016


How quick we are to demonize and vilify and how slow to thank and appreciate the good people do.

Cumberland County District Two Supervisor and Board Chairman Lloyd Banks has worked tirelessly for over five years as chairman of our board of supervisors, fighting to keep spending down and cutting out waste, while maintaining a high level of services.

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He was the lone dissenting vote on the tax increase.

Evidently the people do appreciate his efforts and he was re-elected again to supervisor and chairman.

The meeting, which Herald Publisher Steve Stewart keeps “fanning the flames” over, was called so we citizens could discuss a tax increase — always a hot topic. As so many were in attendance, it was necessary to set down guidelines for those who signed up to speak, so all would have a voice.

Granted other issues impinge on taxes, as does everything, but to include these would muddy the issue and make a final decision prolonged and difficult. Some speakers ignored the set procedures, thus were asked to step down and, if needed, escorted out. They, however, were allowed back in later to speak on the tax increase. Evidently, all who wanted to speak did so as the meeting went on for several more hours.

Banks truly cares for and about our county and its citizens, personally snowplowing driveways of the elderly and housebound, checking on them, visiting constituents in the hospital and nursing homes — working to keep Cumberland the vibrant, caring community it is.

Betty Fanelli