‘Banks has lost sight’

Published 12:47 pm Thursday, June 9, 2016

I have been pondering what to write about following my experience at the Cumberland Board of Supervisors’ meeting on April 26, and almost decided to let sleeping dogs rest until I read District Two Supervisor and Board Chairman Lloyd Banks’ version of events (‘Free speech remains alive and well,” May 10).

The fact that he thinks free speech remains alive and well based on the events of that night is just another indication that he is oblivious of his actions. His letter stated that there was chaos in the courtroom because people were concerned about the tax increase.

This is untrue. It was chaotic because he kept interrupting people as they tried to voice their opinions. Then he stated that “order was restored” after the disorderly were asked to leave. This is untrue because no one was removed, but people got angrier when they realized how he was going to conduct the meeting.    

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Free speech is free, not limited to what one person deems suitable.

Over the years I’ve attended many board meetings with hot-button issues, and this is the first time I’ve seen a board member act in this manner toward people speaking. 

To top it off, he stated, “This is my meeting.” No, Mr. Banks, this is our meeting. Somewhere, Banks has lost sight of the fact that he was elected and sits on that board to represent the people, but he wasn’t listening that night. 

When Banks stated in his letter to the editor “there were far more who applauded my efforts to not delegate control to the loudest voices,” I’m not sure of whom he’s speaking, but they were not there that night.

I think Banks has dug his heels in and thinks he’s done no wrong in this situation, and that, my friends and fellow citizens, is more scary to me than anything.

If you can’t be someone who listens, realizes you may have made a mistake and apologize, then we have a bigger problem. 

By the way, the May meeting was much more peaceful, with welcomed supervisor interaction at the end.

Suzanne Moore lives in Cumberland County. Her email address is dreamweaver287@hotmail.com.