Women’s teams carry the load for Longwood

Published 1:53 pm Thursday, May 12, 2016


As a longtime supporter of Longwood athletics and as member of the Class of 2016, I am in complete agreement with Steve Stewart and his column “A home team to root for,” published in the April 13 edition of The Farmville Herald.

Anyone needing more proof need only to take notice of the Wednesday, April 13, afternoon doubleheader against Virginia Tech. The scores? Check them out for yourselves.

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I have been a resident of the Farmville area since 1974 and I have always held Longwood close to my heart and, further, I agree 100 percent with Franklin Grant’s letter (‘Ask for Gee’s resignation,’ Friday, April 10).

A lot of readers may count this as Monday morning armchair quarterbacking, but my whole family has been involved with college athletics for many, many years. I have family members currently competing in Division I sports at the University of North Florida, Florida State University and the University of Central Florida.

My father was a hands-on advocate of the NCAA Title IX legislation in the late 1970s and I closely followed, as did Grant, former Longwood President Dr. Patricia Cormier’s plan to lead Longwood into NCAA Division I play.

What President W. Taylor Reveley IV needs to do is ask Athletics Director Troy Austin why the Longwood women’s teams have to carry the load for the entire sports program.

Tom Lanigan