Senior banned from school after reported threat

Published 8:55 pm Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Additional law enforcement officers will be present at Buckingham’s High School graduation Sunday and at the preschool’s graduation Thursday following a reported threat by a high school student.

According to Investigator Brent Uzdanovics of the Buckingham County Sheriff’s Office, random checks were performed at the high school following the threat.

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He said an 18-year-old high school senior allegedly posed the threats of bodily harm to students on Wednesday or at the high school’s graduation, which is set for Sunday at the high school.

The man was issued a trespass notice, barring him from school property, Uzdanovics said.

The threat was “something to the effect of threatening bodily harm to students either Wednesday or on graduation …,” he said. “School administrators had found out (that) somebody was making threats — an 18-year-old male senior. They intervened, talked to the parents and so forth.”

“This all transpired late (Tuesday),” Uzdanovics said. “And, just as a precaution, we and the state police are just doing random checks through the school, sporadic and that sort of thing.”

No arrest was made, he said.

“The incident is isolated to one student and has been handled well with cooperation among the school system, family and law enforcement,” said Division Superintendent Dr. Cecil Snead. “The student in question has no access to weapons, no driver’s license and some information conflates with past experience. To that end, out of respect for the perception and safety of all, the student will not be on school property indefinitely.”

Snead said that an additional police presence will be present for the preschool and high school graduations, “as was done today for our awards assembly, as yet another additional precautionary measure out of respect for our students and public. Faculty, students and parents were informed as events unfolded and as facts were discerned from fiction.”