Pride speaks to PECHS government class

Published 3:06 pm Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Dr. Odessa Pride, Prince Edward County supervisor (Hampden District), spoke to students in Sarah Moore’s dual enrollment (DE) government classes at Prince Edward County High School recently.

Pride’s presentation included her personal history and the road she took to be elected to serve the citizens of Prince Edward County. Pride opened her presentation with definitions and descriptions of a leader. Students learned the process of being elected on the local level, from filing for candidacy to election day. 

Pride continued with an explanation of her political platform, “Education Opens the Door to Everything,” and how she campaigned to enhance the opportunities for the youth of Prince Edward County, to improve communication between elected officials and citizens of the county, and to work to better manage the resources of the county. 

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PECHS senior Rafael Dimaano described the presentation as “thought-provoking.”  He said, “It opened my eyes to voting locally, rather than just voting in the big elections.”