Move the project entrance

Published 12:51 pm Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Studying the Farmville zoning map online, it appears that the B-4 zoning designation encompasses the land between Merriwood Farm Road and Cabell’s Court, along Peery Drive and north along South Main Street.

It is my opinion that the proposed 120-unit apartment complex to be built between Walmart and Cabell’s Court with a proposed exit onto South Main Street directly behind Benchmark Bank would negatively impact traffic at the intersection of Milnwood Road and South Main Street.

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Since the whole area is zoned B-4, would it not be a safer option to enter and exit all traffic from any development in this B-4 zone via Merriwood Farm Road?

That exit would enable traffic to turn right at Peery Drive for southbound at U.S. Route 15 and left at Peery Drive for northbound traffic.

Both directions would encounter a traffic light onto U.S. Route 15.

Carol Fauci