‘Free speech remains alive’

Published 1:54 pm Thursday, May 12, 2016


At an April 26 public hearing in Cumberland, the first 30 minutes were rather chaotic as people were very concerned about the potential of a tax increase and the status of the land use program. There was not room for everyone to come in and there was a growing level of chaos within the courthouse.

Unfortunately, some among those being disorderly were asked to leave. Order was then restored, and we were able to continue the public hearing for the next several hours.

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For everyone who has criticized my handling of the special meeting called for the purpose of addressing tax rates and land use, there were far more who applauded my efforts to not delegate control to the loudest voices.

I have been on the Cumberland County Board of Supervisors for five years, and any effort to portray me as someone unwilling to listen to the public is completely unfounded. My personal cell phone rings seven days a week. Those who regularly attend our monthly meetings can also attest to the long-standing fact that during public comment, everyone who has desired to be heard has received every opportunity to do so.

If you want to publicly share your concerns before the board of supervisors in Cumberland, you are always welcome to come on out the second Tuesday of each month and observe for yourself.

During the public comment portion of our meeting, you will have an opportunity to share anything you desire. Free speech remains alive and well during the designated times in our monthly meetings for this purpose.

Lloyd Banks Jr.

Chairman of the Board of Supervisors