Earth Day missed ‘the mark by miles’

Published 1:53 pm Thursday, May 12, 2016


Obviously, no one in these parts knows what Earth Day is all about. The sad, little Flea Market missed the mark by miles.

There was no information available on green issues, such as reusing, recycling and reducing consumption. How about highlighting the benefits of planting trees and energy savings tips? You could have given away reusable shopping bags. I’m certain some stores would donate.

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There could have been an opportunity for people to recycle hazardous wastes like batteries, electronics, used motor oil and paint.

If there is no legal way to do it, many people will dispose of it anyway. You could have given away reusable shopping bags.

Representatives from the town, county, Dominion, environmental organizations and green local businesses should have been invited to participate. What’s up with Hampden-Sydney College and Longwood University? 

College students used to lead the way. I guess that cell phones and social media are more important than the future of the planet.

If you can’t do something meaningful, don’t bother.

Lucy Klaus