Club attends meeting

Published 1:14 pm Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Woman’s Club Buckingham County GFWC attended the Alice Kyle District meeting in April at the Virginia Keys School of Technology. The club received awards in conservation, fundraising and health and public issues. For the arts, three members of the club, Sharon Andrews, Marie Flowers and Mary Lohr, won first-place blue ribbons, four red ribbons and two white. For the arts, the schools won 15 blue ribbons, four red and five white ribbons. Patsy Miessler won a first-place blue ribbon and four school members won first-place blue ribbons for the writing contest.

New officers were installed for the district and Jackie Fairbarns was installed as secretary for the new term, 2016-18.

After a lovely lunch, a live auction was held with baskets filled with all sorts of treasures that all the 18 clubs of the district brought.

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