Student speakers are kings, not pawns

Published 1:16 pm Thursday, April 28, 2016

At least three times in the past 30 days, students of Prince Edward County Public Schools who have spoken out against budget cuts and for increased funding for their schools have been called pawns who are being used to influence the decision-making processes of county supervisors.

In the context of a chess game, we think they are kings, not pawns, which are chess pieces of the smallest size and value.

In the context of Prince Edward County, they are citizen leaders and an inspiration to all of us on how to stand up for our beliefs and what’s right.

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They are of much value and the size of their leadership is commendable.

Prince Edward is the only county that has seen such student activism in recent years, which is admirable.

These students are true leaders and our community’s future — stepping up for what they think is right in the face of people who are more than triple their age, standing in the shadows of the supervisors’ political and professional tenure.

We think that these students are examples of a healthy democracy.

We’re not advocating for or against the additional school funding. What we are supporting are these students and their willingness to face the board for what they believe is right.

We commend these high, middle and elementary school students, who took the time our out of their evenings, to attend the board meeting and to speak in front of a large crowd, advocating for what they thought was right.

If our community had more students like the ones we have in Prince Edward County’s schools, it would be a better place.