PSWCD promotes Soil and Water Stewardship Week

Published 9:55 am Thursday, April 21, 2016

The National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) is celebrating the 61st year of Stewardship Week April 24 – May 1.

The 2016 Stewardship Week hinges around the theme “We All Need Trees.” Trees provide us with a multitude of benefits and services including, but not limited to: clean air and water, healthy soil, shade, wood products, fuel and jobs. 

The function of a district is to take the available technical, financial and educational resources and focus or coordinate them so they meet the needs of the local land users. During Stewardship Week, the Piedmont District will hold its poster contest for young people in Amelia, Nottoway and Prince Edward County.

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“Our poster contest is very popular with the kids,” Piedmont Director Bill Powers said. “The theme this year will help students learn about trees.”

The poster contest grand winner receives a $25 gift card.

“Educating the public about the importance of trees in our daily lives is an essential part of what NACD advocates for through natural resource conservation and is the essence of this year’s Stewardship theme,” NACD President Lee McDaniel said. “Trees and forests are critical to providing clean air and water, healthy soil, abundant wildlife habitat and valuable products we use every day.”

The Piedmont Conservation District can assist the community learn more about trees and the species native to the Piedmont region. They also provide insight on tree planting, care and maintenance as well as information for how to protect trees from invasive species. Districts have a long-standing history of working with state and private forest owners in helping promote and safeguard our nation’s forested lands.

The Piedmont Soil and Water Conservation District is a member of NACD which oversees the Stewardship Week program. Stewardship Week is one of the largest national annual programs to promote conservation. NACD represents the nation’s 3,000 conservation districts, which were established to encourage resource conservation across the country.