‘Promote it and they will come’

Published 10:55 am Tuesday, April 5, 2016


For what it is worth, the closure of the Longwood Golf Course seems like very poor judgement at a time when golf is making a real investment in First Tee, junior programs and developing a sport that encourages competition with manners and tradition. 

Needless to say, manners and tradition are in short supply today. We will host finals of Drive, Chip and Putt a few miles from me. These young people have worked hard and competed many times to reach this point, and will certainly be future leaders of golf. Wouldn’t it make sense to encourage some of these teens to consider Longwood?

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One month, I hear I should be excited to have my alma mater host a vice presidential debate. 

This month, I hear that my alma mater can’t figure out how to develop a resource that they have in the university golf course into an asset and a world-class program.  Promote it and they will come.

Patsy Powell Ray

Augusta, Ga.