Helping Evergreen and making a difference

Published 1:15 pm Thursday, April 14, 2016

By Sarabeth Roberts

The Fuqua School chapter of Youth for Christ collected spare change for the victims of late February’s tornadoes in Evergreen. 

Most of us, being raised the way we were, know deep down that we should give at least a little of our extra pocket change. That being said, why do people feel compelled to give when crisis hits?

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We, as human beings, need two things — community with others and a sense of purpose. Giving to others, specifically others in need, fulfills those needs. Making a donation of time, effort or heart leads to a sense of contentment and purpose for the giver.

Sarabeth Roberts

Sarabeth Roberts

Along with the psychological benefits of donation, there are physical benefits of giving as well. Many studies have shown that giving in general releases endorphins, making the giver feel good about his or her actions.

All of the science and philosophy is wonderful, but it’s hard to feel if it never applies to real life. In the case of Evergreen, the Fuqua community was able to help in a tangible way with financial donations. This gave us the opportunity to be extremely grateful that we were not affected by the tornadoes while also providing an opportunity to be mindful of how we can make a difference in the lives of others.

Meanwhile, the Evergreen residents felt the support of their neighbors. Hopefully it helped ease their stress just a little bit knowing that people not too far from them were willing to help them out.

Truly, both the giver and receiver benefit from a donation. So what’s stopping you from emptying those pockets? It can only help.

Sarabeth Roberts, a sophomore at Fuqua School, is on the staff of the student newspaper, The Nest.