Farmville Arrest Report

Published 12:48 pm Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 14

• Gerson Jonathan Funes Ramos (22) of Stafford, charged with revocation of suspended sentence and probation.

• Darrick O’Neal Gray (44) of Farmville, charged with assault or battery by mob.

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April 15

• Monica Faith Puckett (22) of Farmville, charged with driving under the influence.

• Luis Felipe Torres Duran (19) of Manassas, charged with underage possession of alcohol and public swearing or intoxication.

• Rodney Clark (44) of Green Bay, charged with felonious assault.

April 16

• Cornelious Wilbert Walton (57) of Farmville, charged with refusal to take a breath test and driving under the influence.

April 18

• Aaron Wendell Johnson (58) of Farmville, charged with revocation of suspended sentence and probation.

• Nathaniel James Turbyfill (25) of Pamplin, charged with manufacture-sale-possession of a controlled substance.

April 19

• Anthony Diego Walker (40) of Prospect, charged with public swearing or intoxication.

April 20

• Khalil Armon Robinson (18) of Farmville, charged with possession of marijuana.

• Debra Joann Simpkins (42) of Cullen, charged with obtaining money by false pretenses; two counts forging-uttering and larceny of bank notes-checks.

April 22

• Lena Ziegler (37) of Dillwyn, charged with assault and battery.

• Donnell Maurice Taylor (41) of Farmville, charged with destruction of property-monument, value less than $1,000.

April 23

• Neill Larry Fitzgerald (32) of Roanoke, charged with driving while intoxicated.

• Damien James Ayala-Greene (23) of Baltimore, M.D., charged with entering or setting in motion a vehicle.

• Samantha Latrice Paige (39) of Farmville, charged with concealment-price-alter merchandise, less than or equal to $200.

• Keasha Ynette Chambers (34) of Farmville, charged with two counts of false statement to obtain credit-loss, greater than or equal to $200; and two counts of obtaining utility service without payment, greater than or equal to $200.

April 24

• Lonnie Darnell Harvey (41) of Farmville, charged with concealment-price, alter merchandise, greater than or equal to $200.