Cumberland County Property Transfers

Published 12:13 pm Thursday, April 14, 2016

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of March, 2016.

The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Mitzi A. Nickel, to Lloyd R. Marks, et ux, 5.001 Ac, Lot 40, Cumberland Farmsteads Sub, Madison District.  Gift Deed.

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• The Bank of New York Mellon, to Patricia A. Mitchum, et al, 11.799 Ac, Madison District.  $203,585.

• Phillip F. Thomas, et ux, to Linda L. Stanley, et al, 5.00 Ac, Parcel A & 6.0 Ac, Parcel B & Esmt, Hamilton District.  $429,000.

• Scott P. Blanchard, to Jonathan Clyde Davis,  et ux, 35 Ac, 5.58 Ac, & 11.10 Ac & Esmt, Riverside Estate. $160,000.

• Zachary D. Baggett, et ux , to Allan B. Blakely, et al, Trs, 6.42 Ac, Residue Lot 6, Clements Est Sub, Madison District.  $89,000.

• Allan B. Blakely, Co Tr, et al, to Zachary D. Baggett, et ux, 10.00 Ac, Belts Branch Sub, Madison District.  $40,000.

• Richard O. Carden, et ux, to Lawrence J. Cernak Sr., 21.1 Ac, Parcel 2, to Madison District.  $202,000.

• W. David Carden, et ux, to Travis Chaffin, et ux, 10.05 Ac, Madison District.  Gift Deed.

• William M. Newman, Co Tr, et al, to David Kemp Norman, et al, 15.598 Ac & Esmt, Hamilton District.  $15,500.

• Nathaniel A. Scaggs, Sub Tr, to L. Wade Stimpson Jr., et al, 4.2 Ac, Lot 3, Ownby Estates, Madison District.  $46,490.

• Faye M. Menefee, Tr, to JASLAN LLC, 51.14 Ac, Lot A, 24.53 Ac, Lot B, 33.39 Ac, Lot C1, and 33.18 Ac, Lot C7, Hamilton District. Record provided by clerk of court did not include sale price.

• Wayne G. Sheffield, et als, Trs, to Wayne G. Sheffield,  Tr, et al, 13.67 Ac, Lot 8, Ownby Estates, Madison District.  Gift Deed.

• Alice B. Asal, to Michael W. Asal, 3.39 Ac & 66.00 Ac, Randolph District.  Record provided by clerk of court did not include sale price.

• Robert B. Jackson, et ux, to Gavin O’Neal Jackson, 1.26 Ac, Madison District.  Gift Deed.

• David C. Williams, et ux, to Charles R. Adams Jr., et ux, 25.003 Ac, Lot 1 & 3.00 Ac, Section II, Riverside at Ampthill, Hamilton District.  $265,000.

• George Edmonds, et ux, to Floyd Harris Jr., 2.550 Ac, Parcel A & Esmt., Madison District.  Gift Deed.

• Lehman Properties LLC, to Jason Meek Raber, Lot 10, Jackson Heights Sub, Town of Farmville.  $98,000.

• Gregory D. Chapman, et ux, to Gregory D. Chapman, 5.1 Ac, Lot J, Todd Tract. Randolph District. Gift Deed.

• Dana A. Bryant, et ux, to Dana A. Bryant, et ux, 4.932 Ac, Lot F, Hamilton District. Record provided by clerk of court did not include sale price.

• Nancy E. Sims, to Scherry D. Anderson, 2.000 Ac & Esmt, & 12’ Access Esmt Reserved, Madison District.  Gift Deed.

• DW Evans Investments LLC, to Carlos Dasilva, 2.009 Ac & Esmt, Madison District.  $100,000.

• Gary E. Rottmund, et ux, to Jared W. Ruttmund, et ux, Int in 224.2 Ac, Hamilton District. $477,816.

• Garland M. Ison Jr., et ux, to Garland M. Ison, Jr., et ux, 3.86 Ac, Lot 35, Hamilton District.  Gift Deed.

• Robert R. Harrison, et al, to William A. Eberly, et ux, 1.070 Ac, 3.440 Ac & 3.680 Ac, Hamilton District.  $175,000.

• Michael Yoder, et ux, to Tyler Johnson, et al, 2.346 Ac, Lot 1, Randolph District.  $138,750.

• Benchmark Community Bank, to T & K Enterprises LLC, 0.348 Ac, Town of Farmville.  $100,000.

• Marshall R. Martin, to Marshall R. Martin, et al, 17.595 Ac, Hamilton District.  Gift Deed.

• Atlantic Trustee Services LLC, Sub Tr,  to JCM III LLC, 9 Ac, 33.4 Ac, Lot  1 & 0.75 Ac & Esmt, Madison District.  $40,589.

• Richard S. Williford, et ux, to Richard S. Williford, Tr, et al, 58.02 Ac, Madison District.  Record provided by clerk of court did not include sale price.

• Colen A. Phillips, to Christopher Rankin, et al, 2.781 Ac, Lot 7B & Esmt, Hamilton District.  $229,950.

• David W. Sloan, et ux, to Samuel E. Lapp, et ux, Parcel & 53.25 Ac, Randolph District.  $640,000.