Trump, Clinton win big in the Heart of Virginia

Published 8:51 pm Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Donald Trump, the national Republican presidential frontrunner, handily won across the Heart of Virginia on Tuesday in the state’s Republican Primary.

In the Democratic Primary, Hillary Clinton took a majority of votes in Buckingham, Cumberland and Prince Edward counties.

Voter turnout was moderate in Cumberland and Prince Edward, according to voter registrars.

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Trump led the GOP field with 50 percent of the vote, or 830 votes, in Buckingham, and 41 percent of the vote in Prince Edward, or 853 votes. In Cumberland County, Trump took 48 percent of the vote, or 660 votes.

Clinton won with 75 percent of the vote in Buckingham, or 806 votes, and 76 percent of the vote in Prince Edward, or 1,366 votes. She won 80 percent of the vote, receiving 639 votes in Cumberland.

Clinton was the statewide winner of Virginia’s Democratic Primary and Trump the winner of the Republican Primary.

The totals are according to unofficial results on the state Department of Elections’ website.