Program given on ‘Container Gardening’

Published 5:08 am Thursday, March 3, 2016

David Fowlkes presented the program “Container Gardening” at the Farmville-Prince Edward Library to the Nora Lancaster Garden Club in February. Fowlkes is a native of Prince Edward County and has worked at Longwood University establishing many of the beds.

He likes to follow the “thriller-filler-spiller” method for “grabbing your attention, filling it in, seeing what dangles” concept. Anything can be a container — an old enamel pan, a wheelbarrow or a shoe — as long as it has a drainage hole and good soil. David recommends a bigger container so you do not have to water it as much and good soil for the required nutrients, not just dirt. Fertilizer is necessary for container planting, as regular watering leaches the soil of nutrients. 

Notice what’s around you and get started with your own beautification using color, different plant species and form. Winners for Artistic & Horticulture Exhibits were Betty Coleman, Becky Kelly, Brenda Puryear receiving a blue ribbon for each exhibit and Judy O’Steen, a blue ribbon for the Artistic Exhibit. 

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