Fuqua debater undefeated in tournament

Published 11:22 am Thursday, March 10, 2016

Fuqua School sent two sophomores, Paavan Bonagiri and Max Gebauer, to the Virginia Catholic Forensic League tournament held at Fluvanna Count High School. 

Gebauer came home undefeated, and was the only Lincoln-Douglas debater to go undefeated in the tournament. In three of his four debates, Gebauer debated Maggie Walker Governor’s School debaters; his fourth debate was against the top debater from Hargrave Military Academy.  He was the only undefeated debater in Lincoln-Douglas with four wins, and the only debater in the Catholic League to have won two Lincoln-Douglas tournaments.

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Bonagiri came away with a 1-3 record.  Coach Dr. Robert Frank said, “His rounds were close, but not close enough.”   

Lincoln-Douglas debates are in a one-on-one format, allowing debaters to speak, rebut and cross-examine.  “Debate teaches us how to think on our feet and how to structure an argument,” Gebauer said.  “I really need to thank Fuqua and Mr. Melton — and Dr. Frank for taking a lot of his free time to help us.”

The Fuqua School Debate team heads to the VCFL state tournament this weekend and hopes one of the team will win a spot to attend the National Catholic Forensic League tournament held the last weekend in May in Sacramento, Calif.