A new library is ‘a commitment’ to citizens

Published 12:13 pm Thursday, March 31, 2016


Building a new library in Buckingham is a good investment because of the positive educational, economic and social benefits that we will see.

Communities that strongly support and fund local libraries have witnessed an increase in literacy rates, school-readiness skills in children and academic success of students. While some children have books, Internet and computers at home, this is not available to all children in Buckingham.

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By investing in the new library we are investing in our future, ensuring that all our children have access to the resources that can help them succeed.

Community libraries also have a positive economic impact. Libraries are important resources for small businesses.

Online business information resources available through public libraries are a key resource for new businesses. Whether providing information on regulations or assisting with business plan development, local libraries provide more business resource information than ever before.

Research shows that students who do not have access to online research cannot compete with students who do have access.

Finally, local libraries strengthen communities. Communities benefit from library volunteers because the volunteers have increased their confidence, skills and levels of employability.

Buckingham’s investment in the new library demonstrates a commitment to all the citizens of the county.

Howell L.B. Newton

New Canton