A commitment to the community

Published 4:22 pm Tuesday, March 15, 2016

As the lead developer of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Dominion understands we have been entrusted with an enormous responsibility — to serve as responsible stewards of the environment and good neighbors in the community.

Being a good neighbor means sharing information, being open and accessible, and genuinely listening to the community. As a company that has served communities across Virginia for more than 100 years, we take those responsibilities very seriously.

Since we first announced the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project in September 2014, we’ve participated in more than 30 public meetings to share information with the community and hear their feedback. We’ve met individually with hundreds of landowners and dozens of community organizations. Their input has been invaluable and has resulted in hundreds of route adjustments to avoid sensitive areas.

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In September, we organized a Community Advisory Group of citizens from across Buckingham County to advise our company as we developed plans for the proposed compressor station. The group held three public meetings to discuss all aspects of the proposed compressor station with our team of engineers, operators and environmental specialists.

Several members of the group even toured an operating compressor station in Pennsylvania so they could gain first-hand knowledge. Based on the advisory group’s recommendations, we’ve made several improvements to the design of our facility.

Members of the advisory group also requested a public forum to discuss the project as a whole. So, in February, we invited the entire community to attend an informational workshop at Buckingham Middle School.

More than two dozen members of our project team were on hand to answer questions and have a meaningful dialogue with members of the community. These meetings provided an avenue for us to share additional information about the pipeline project and the local compressor station, and hear from local residents.

As the project moves forward, there will be additional opportunities for the public to get involved and express their views. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will host a series of public meetings later this year. The Buckingham County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors will also hold multiple public meetings to review our application for a special use permit.

As a company, we will continue striving to earn the trust of your community by serving as good neighbors. We genuinely believe the community plays an important role in this process. Your input matters to us.

Leslie Hartz is vice president of pipeline construction for Dominion, the lead developer of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Her email address is leslie.hartz@dom.com.