Defining assault weapons

Published 3:27 pm Thursday, February 4, 2016


James Peca, I applaud your enthusiasm over a hotly debated topic fraught with emotions, but I really wish you knew more on the topic you discussed (“Save lives, ban assault weapons,” Jan. 15).

The weapons you call assault weapons are not modern hunting weapons. Assault rifles, the American translation of a German term coined by no less than Adolph Hitler for fully automatic rifles, are no more than semiautomatics. Firearms that function as semiautomatics have existed for well over 100 years in handgun, rifle and shotgun form.

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The rifles you seem to inaccurately allude to are called modern sporting rifles. Sport is not limited to just hunting. Just because they may externally appear to be military rifles, be assured they are not.

Your allusion to the interpretation of the Second Amendment, the meaning of militia and effect of a law you want passed is nothing more than your and other anti-assault weapon fear mongers’ personal beliefs. These beliefs are anything but fact.

And, before you try to say “no guns is the answer,” I’ll just point out how well that has worked on the war on drugs.

Criminals will always find a way to commit crimes; laws don’t deter them. Your proposed legislation will only make a meaningful impact on law-abiding individuals.

Richard Raybold