On White’s influence

Published 12:29 pm Tuesday, February 2, 2016

On Monday, Jan. 25, Cumberland Recreation Director Keith White died, leaving much of the community heartbroken and in shock.

White was not only a Cumberland resident, but he was a devoted community activist, leader and coach for the county and its youth.

He spent and dedicated much of his life to shaping our local youth through sports programming, both at the high school and recreational levels.

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He proved this through his time as county recreation director — beginning in 2005 — and since he first began coaching in Cumberland County.

“No doubt. No doubt. No doubt,” Cumberland High School Athletic Director Alfonso Bell said when asked if White had an impact on the youth of the community.  “He had a great personality. He was a great fit. … He’s touched a lot of kids’ (hearts and souls).”

When we think back and remember how White touched hearts in the community by showing them how much he cared to help them improve as a person and athlete, we should be proud that Cumberland had a coach and community leader who was willing to volunteer his time to make the county a better place for children of all ages.

White set the example of how we should work in the community — as caring individuals who seek to help make the world a better place.

White made his impact through sports, but we can all take a cue from his legacy and start to impact the world ourselves, one person at a time.

We should all aspire to better the world around us as White did, no matter how small an impact we think we have.