Has abortion accomplished its goals?

Published 4:53 pm Thursday, January 21, 2016

Today we observe the 43rd anniversary of legalized abortion in America.

This is my question: Is America better off because of this U.S. Supreme Court decision?

We were told in 1973 that abortion would solve numerous problems, among them child abuse.  The reasoning was that if unplanned pregnancies were terminated there would be no unwanted children.

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I believe the greatest form of child abuse is the act of abortion itself.

We were told that a woman had the right to her body. As a result of the 1960s sexual revolution, women became more open and free with their bodies, making promiscuity acceptable.

The 1970s produced what everyone accepted as the solution for unwanted babies, which is abortion. 

All consideration was given to the adult’s happiness with none for the child’s.

We were told abortion could offer us many freedoms, such as freedom from the financial burden of the child, freedom from the responsibility to raise the child and freedom to pursue our own interests. The freedom for the child’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is not even considered when it comes to abortion.

Society has tried to eliminate any negative feelings toward abortion, such as intimidation, conviction and responsibility to our conscience.

Is America really better off? Where is the wonderful world we were promised abortion would provide with less abuse, prejudice or crime?

To help understand the seriousness of abortion, we must see the child’s value from God’s eyes. A child is a gift from the Lord that we can receive as a privilege or reject as a burden. The sanctity of human life is based upon the Giver’s perception, not on the limited understanding of insensitive parents. The Lord is the One who holds parents responsible for a child. They are to love, nurture and protect this precious life.

According to freedomoutpost.com, more than 3,000 babies will be aborted today. So we pray, God, please forgive us for our sins of rebellion against your Commandments, for not loving our children as ourselves, for living our lives with only ourselves in mind and for thinking only of this life and not of eternity.

Steve Conwell is the pastor of the Maranatha Baptist Church. His email address is steveconwell@outlook.com.