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Ultra liberals distort truth


Several weeks back, I opened my Farmville Herald to the opinion page and found two prime examples of ultra liberals that either don’t understand the situations in the world or deliberately distort the truth.

In the first letter (“Voter IDs are a waste of taxpayer money,” Oct. 23) the prolific letter writer James Peca thinks voter IDs are an unnecessary burden. Perhaps he is unaware that you need a picture ID to purchase certain over-the-counter medications at your pharmacy, such as allergy medications. Is that a burden on anyone? And if he thinks voter fraud is a myth he’s even more naïve than I thought!

In the column (“Carson uses fear to rally,” Oct. 23) Taikein Cooper appears to be deliberately distorting Carson’s statement in regard to a Muslim being elected president. I realize that Cooper is involved in some very positive activity in this area; however, a person with a degree in public policy analysis should be aware that you read and use the whole statement and not just the part that suits your purpose.

Carson clearly stated that if a person agreed that the constitution of United States and the welfare of Americans would take precedence over any religious affiliation then that person would be acceptable to him as our president. He never disparaged Muslims at all and being the good Christian that he is he never would.

I strongly urge Cooper and all interested parties to read the entire statement by Carson before forming an opinion.

Furman Joye