MVP Zone – Elizabeth Walker

Published 4:55 pm Thursday, November 19, 2015

Elizabeth Walker

Junior | Longwood University | Cheerleading

POSITION: Main (base).

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FAVORITE PART OF MY SPORT: Being out on the court as a team and supporting my school by cheering the (basketball) teams on.

FAVORITE SPORTS MOVIE: The “Bring It On” movies.

BIGGEST INFLUENCE: My high school coach. She pushed me to try new things and she also got me to try out for the team in college.

MY HOBBIES: When I am not cheering, I am doing things for my sorority, Sigma Kappa.

SEASON GOALS: Personally, to keep learning new things and growing as a leader. My team goals would be getting closer as a team.

WHEN I GRADUATE: My plan is to get my masters at Longwood, go back to my hometown (Culpeper) and hopefully teach kindergarten.