Hiring procedure could change

Published 9:39 am Friday, November 27, 2015

The Prince Edward County School Board is considering a request to advertise all school coaching positions internally and to the general community simultaneously.

According to Prince Edward High School Athletic Director Rodney Kane, current procedure allows the school to advertise all coaching positions internally first to gauge interest and assess if anyone on staff is qualified to coach.

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If not, the position could be opened up to the public.

“There are good things about it and not so good things,” Kane said. In order to aid school board members with making an informed decision, Kane offered a list of pros and cons of the proposed revision.

According to Kane, the possible benefits of advertising simultaneously include “more knowledge and experience with the sport, involvement in the community and student exposure to other role models in the community.”

Kane said he has been involved in school sports for some time and has witnessed the successes and failures of advertising internally and to the public at the same time.

Kane said potential drawbacks associated with the request include “limited experience working with students in an educational environment” and limited day-to-day interaction with the students during and between sessions.

He said drawbacks could include lack of knowledge concerning schools procedures and protocols and conflicting schedules with practices and/or games.

“We just want what’s best for the athletes at Prince Edward,” said Kane.

Division Superintendent Dr. David Smith said the main reason for the request was to be able to advertise to a wider audience.

While the board discussed the request during their November meeting, no action was taken.

Smith said the board could revisit the issue at an upcoming meeting.