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Giving thanks in an uncertain world

The terrorist attacks in Paris last week understandably sent shock waves around the world.

It’s a sad fact but true: In today’s world no one is immune from the threat of terrorism. Fear is, in fact, an integral part of terrorist strategy.

What we as Americans must not do is allow such a threat to rob us of the traditions we value.

Thanksgiving is one of them.

This uniquely American holiday, a Norman Rockwell occasion with family gathered around the Thanksgiving table, is one we continue to cherish. Rockwell’s famous portrayal of Thanksgiving, part of his “Four Freedoms” series, appears to reflect an enviably carefree time in America’s past. The year the painting was released, in fact, was 1943.

In the midst of World War II, Rockwell’s typical American family continued the observance of Thanksgiving despite world events. Simply put, they carried on.

So should we.

In 1932 President Franklin D. Roosevelt offered this good advice to the American people: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

For such words so reflective of the American spirit, we can indeed give thanks.