LU club football starts fifth season

Published 10:43 am Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Longwood University is known for many sports, including men’s basketball, softball and men’s and women’s tennis. But now one of the most popular sports in America is being played at Longwood.

Football now has a place at the Farmville university.

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The group began playing five years ago and since then has become an official school club.

They also now play other university club teams such as UNC, George Mason, Radford, Coppen State and the Navy sprint team.

But the club didn’t start out so successful, according to senior Ben Yarow, who just stepped down as the club president.

“I played in high school and wasn’t good enough to play at a school. When I came here I saw they had a club team and I came out the first day,” said Yarow.

“At first it was really disorganized. We only had 14 guys. I wanted to make this something that people come here and would love to do.”

Now the team is thriving with 35 dedicated players, who even have to hold a 2.5 grade point average to be on the team.

“The team has really grown because we have a great group of guys willing to play football because they love it so much,” said senior and newly appointed club president Jacob Stanley.

With the growth of the program, the club also receives funding from the Student Government Association (SGA).

“We get a certain amount each year from the SCC (sports club council) part of SGA. That is about 60 percent of our funding, the rest comes from player dues and fundraising,”

“I guess what I want to see is the school have more support of our team, and work more cohesively with more recognized sports teams.”

“I would love for it to be a D1 sport. If Longwood continues to grow, I think one day it could happen.

I would like it to one day soon become a D3 program, established by the guys who come out here to play football.

They have heart. They come out here every week and play, not because they receive anything for it, but because they love the game and the team. 

Every home game we want to show off for farmville.