A grassroots uprising

Published 5:30 pm Thursday, October 15, 2015


Saturday evening at Buckingham High School commences our local citizens’ mobilization — preventing this entire rural area from becoming another Dominion industrial complex.

“All Citizens Gatherings” are the heart-felt voices which will prevail. Never anticipated was such strong opposition to the 565-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Virginians actively are preventing the fossil fuel industry from taking over most of the state.

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Support for protecting Buckingham is enormous. The model for the gas-pumping compressor station is the most powerful ever, thus the site for Dominion’s grand experiment.

On Sept. 24, The Sierra Club sponsored the Albemarle County Supervisors Candidate Forum on the environment. While candidates differed on issues, such as cellphone towers close to schools, all opposed the pipeline plan, strongly voicing “No!”

This unique gathering called Creating Restoration will be held during the supervisors’ forum. It will open up roads and build protection from industry. Support farmer empowerment. Send messages to the corporate elite and their politician partners that Mother Earth is our home.

Just come to the spontaneous gathering at 5:30 p.m. Saturday, outside the high school. Light your candles.

If raining have a, quiet vigil inside entrance. Take your own initiative.

Contact media. Invite the many souls who feel totally ignored and denied any voice in the future of their lives.

This is a grassroots uprising of the finest quality.

Katherine Thimnakis