The right response from Reed

Published 12:40 pm Tuesday, September 22, 2015

We commend Prince Edward Sheriff Wesley W. Reed for his investigating the Aug. 16 released photograph that depicts a person reclining under a blanket in his office’s dispatch center.

Moreover, we commend him for letting the public know that he did this.

Reed said he has investigated the situation and has dealt with the employee according to the department’s personnel policy.

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That’s exactly what needed to happen.

Reed was in line when he “felt the need to advise the citizens of Prince Edward County” about his actions on the matter. That’s transparency in action.

He could have easily remained silent on the issue. Instead, the sheriff publicly released his response, and that’s commendable.

Reed’s first statement on the photograph was lackluster. This one was much-needed.

Reed said in the release to The Herald that as the county’s sheriff, he will “continue to maintain an open-door policy for all citizens of the county. I openly encourage dialogue with anyone having a concern or issue that they wish to bring to my attention or discuss.”

It’s our sincere hope that the remaining 40 days of this campaign between Reed, Dale Vaughn and Brandon Cummings will be civil, respectable and clean.

The voters of Prince Edward deserve no less.