Proper turning is questioned

Published 9:58 am Thursday, September 10, 2015


Reference is made to the “You Asked” article entitled “When turning left stop at the line,” in the September 2 issue.

I would like to go beyond (no pun intended) to ask, “What is the proper and legal way to turn left across an oncoming lane when not at a line?” I was taught, in another state, as follows: Before applying brakes turn on your directional signal well before your turn. Brake slowly. Position your car near the yellow line, but not on it, which should allow cars to go around you on the right, and leave your wheels straight, in case you get rear ended. Turn only when approaching traffic is clear.

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I see many drivers turning without signalling, moving to the right to turn left and stopping abruptly without warning. This last often leads to rear-end collisions in which the driver of the car in the rear is usually considered to be at fault.

John Sykes